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Herhands Massage Therapy

 Shanika Matthews



I am a very passionate and insightful person. Who loves to help relief pain in any way I can possible. I love Energy-work. I love to vibe and connect with people. It is my passion to be an act of  service to you guys. I love grounded energy and balanced energy. We all have stressful days and unbalance days. Now at least we can help relieve it and I am here to assist with you that.

!!Your VIBE Attracts your TRIBE!!


What’s better than completely relaxing and leaving the stresses of the world at the door for your session of “you time” we often get swamped with life, work, and health, also grief etc. These are the moments where you can take a step back and unwind, breathe and EXHALE! 

Herhands Massage

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